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Unforgettable tours through the Valley of the Brenz

The Brenz region is part of the UNESCO geopark Swabian Alb. Once upon a time, the region was flooded by the primordial ocean, forming an unmistakable scenery millions of years ago.
River valleys and dry valleys there are sprinkled with impressive rocks, whereas natural heathlands are found on gentle hills, too.
The Brenz river rises from a natural Karst spring in Königsbronn and meanders through the region like a sparkling, broad ribbon to the adjacent Valley of the Danube. Cycling here is a real event for racing cyclists as well as those prefering cycling at a leisurely, relaxing pace.
Enjoy your stay in the Brenz region!

Brenz tour - from its spring to the Danube

From the Brenztopf in Königsbronn, a typical Karst spring of the Swabian Alb, cyclists follow this tour some 55 km along the banks of the Brenz river through a multifaceted scenery to the estuary of the Brenz leading in the Danube in the Bavarian village of Faimingen next to Lauingen.
distance: 56,2 km

Meteor & forests - from the Valley of the Brenz to Albuch

The tour leads cyclists from the bend of the Brenz river across the meteor crater in Steinheim and several forests of the Albuch back to The Valley of the Brenz. A detour to the enchanted Wental Valley offers some of the finest natural rock sceneries of the region.
distance: 42,3 km

Water & Stone tour - across the Härtsfeld

The tour leads from the bend of the Brenz river across the Härtsfeld to Egautal Valley and back. Monasteries, castles and palaces give testimony to manorial paths of the past.
distance: 44,6 km

Cliff tour - from the Valley of the Brenz to the Gerstetter Alb

Cyclist leave the Valley of the Brenz to the Carribean of prehistoric times. The forces of the primordial oceans and further periods of the history of the earth have formed an incredibly exciting and multifaceted scenery with valleys, hilltops, reefs and cliffs.
distance: 35,3 km

Cave tour

The fascinating cave tour through the Valley of the Brenz and Lone Valley is particularly interesting for families and children. Cyclists pass some old, manorial residences on their way.
distance: 27,9 km

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