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Camper site in Heidenheim

The camper site Heidenheim with its 3,500 m² is to be found at a 15 minutes' walking distance to the city centre of Heidenheim in close proximity to the so-called Brenzpark. From the 12th of May to the 3rd of October 2006, Heidenheim was completely under the spell of the 21st Landesgartenschau, the Württemberg horticultural show at Brenzpark. This camper site is the largest and most modern one in the County of Heidenheim, with its paved driveways and gravelled pitches.

The area is part of the Clear Zone "Grün".

As far as technical features are concerned, each pitch is provided with everything campers desire nowadays:

  • open all season with a maximum stay of 4 days
  • 22 camper vans can use the graveled site for a fee of  2 € per day
  • well-equipped playground for children, paved paths for hikers and bikers
  • power and water supply are guaranteed by an automaton
  • 6 hours power supply or 70 litres water supply for 1 €
  • automaton for the sewage, garbage and faeces disposal for 1 €

The location is easily accessible from the A 7 motorway, exit Heidenheim or the federal road B 19 over the Seewiesenbrücke (bridge) direction Brenzpark.

Camper site in the County of Heidenheim

  • Giengen (distance to the city centre of Heidenheim 12 km)
  • Nattheim (distance to the city centre of Heidenheim 9,5 km)

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