Bike Park with Biker X, Freeride and Cross-Country-Course

The bike park is located next to the Hochberg ski lift, which makes the heart of every biker leap. Beginners as well as advanced bikers can enjoy their hobby on two trails while overcoming a total of 100 metres of altitude. The area is well suited for cross-country tours, too.

Biker X

The Biker X trail is groomed with crushed sand and features e.g. jumps, doubles, washboard and step-up. It is a great exercise venue for beginners, because all jumps can be crossed at low speed, too. Pros will get an adrenaline rush when confronted with the trail, because metres wide jumps are possible if you drive at high speed.
Total vertical: 900 metres


The Freeride trail built in 2007 and 2008 leads along the Eastern ski slope, offering all variations of freeride on soil. There are jumps, gaps, drops, a steep slope, a rocky area and many more small gimmicks to enjoy. At the end of the track, the trail splits up in two and bikers can choose between a rocky area combined with a gap and a rocky area combined with a table. The Freeride trail is suitable for beginners, too, for all jumps can be bypassed.


There is an ideal mountain bike area in close proximity to the Hochberg ski lift, too. You can drive on forest tracks from the parking facilities of the ski lift to Gerstetten while passing e.g. the so-called Cliff Tour along Talhof. At the end of your tour you can enjoy the downhill kick of the track.

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Nota Bene

Using the bike park at Hochberg Mountain in Heidenheim is free of charge and takes places at the biker's own risk. The Municipality of Heidenheim does not accept any liability.
The bike park can be reached by a tow lift, too.