location coaching

In order to face the shortage of specialists and executives, Lord Mayor Bernhard Ilg introduced the following strategy in cooperation with partners from local companies. For the City of Heidenheim as well as the region East-Wuerttemberg is still suffering from the image of belonging to a rural area. Our technologies are innovative, our companies are of international renown and therefore attract many a specialist or executive. If candidates are put on the short list of a company, our location coaching is there to support your prospective staff. A relocation - often concerning a family unit - has to be organised, leisure activities want to be cultivated and social contacts help to feel at home.

With the consent of prospective candidates, the staff manager passes personal data such as the candidate's place of origin, age of children, leisure activities et cetera to the City of Heidenheim. We will arrange a personal meeting with a member of staff for a cup of coffee, a working breakfast or a sundowner. The meeting follows the particular requirements and interests of the candidate: our member of staff will present the new homeland as a place to live, to work and to take residence.

If you have school-age children, you talk about the local choice of schools with their respective educational focal point. If you enjoy a certain kind of sport, you get helpful contacts to local clubs, for instance. If you are interested in cultural events, you get concert schedules and repertoires. An individual guided tour can also be arranged on request.

Furthermore, we help you to find an apartment or a building site by informing our local agents via fax or mail. You will be informed about suitable apartments and sites on offer via the City of Heidenheim. You can also get an overview of short, medium and long term available building sites of all sizes and price categories. In cooperation with the job center (Agentur für Arbeit) and our local partners, we help your (civil) partner to find new employment, too.