Ich für uns

  • "Ich für uns" means to co-design an intergenerationally equitable city and to participate and not to wait for others to take action. Furthermore, it means to reflect on one's own abilities and talents and their value for one's fellow citizens and the shaping of one's city.
  • "Ich für uns" means to develop ideas, see starting points to realize these ideas and last not least to be ready to participate in the progress.
  • "Ich für uns" also is the name of the central place in the Meeboldhaus, which provides infrastructure for projects, forms a network of civic engagement and engages in public relations. We both support people who have been active so far and address people who haven't been active so far by interesting projects.
  • Your abilities and commitment are requested! Citizens working together and for one another on meaningful projects are a source of enrichment for every community. Become a part of "Ich für uns"!


Demografie und Gesellschaft
Grabenstraße 19
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Tel.: 07321 3271062