Barbecue Areas

Quarry Steinbruch Hirschhalde

The former quarry Steinbruch Hirschhalde is located in the District of Schnaitheim. The Area of Protected Landscape is a place to relax, to play and to discover botany and geology. There are two large barbecue areas open to the public all year round.

Further Barbecue Areas

  • Kliffhütte Hut Bolheim (an easy hike from the construction area Reutenen)
  • Suppenkopf (4 barbecue areas)
  • Forest Playground at the open-air theatre Naturtheater (1 barbecue area)
  • Parking facilities Wanderparkplatz Ascherhau (between Oggenhausen and Nattheim)
  • Bindsteinmühle Mill Anhausen (1 barbecue area)